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My college life update:

I have six subjects this semester, two of them are my majors, two are minors, one general ed subject and one core course. There’s not much to be discussed about my majors because one of it tackles all about relationships (believe me, it’s really interesting, but there’s not so much stress going on, so skip that) and the other one, well, let’s just say my professor is too lazy to teach us anything (she lets us report all lessons that are in the syllabus).

On the other hand, my minors feel more like majors, actually. They’re draining all my time. In one of them, the instructor makes us do TV programs and the like. In the other one (I have the same professor in these two minors, by the way), he makes us memorize terms that are to be use for these TV programs. So, these subjects is the origin of my stress.

In my core course, all lessons for this subject has been reported already. So, yeah, the same professor who lets the student report about the lessons. 

In my general ed subject, well, this is ironic. This is supposed to be my easiest subject for this semester, but I gave up. it is philosophy, by the way. Maybe my mind is just too tired of philosophy (I had three philosophy subjects last semester) or maybe, I’m just too lazy to read ten-page reading and try to comprehend them. Update: I’ve just dropped the subject last thursday. yay! I don’t even know why I feel so relieved. I know, dropping a subject is a mess in my record, but, what else should I do, I’m failing

Oh well, c’est la vie. Au revoir for now. I have to go find my brother, sister, and cousin before I lose them *insert nervous face here*.

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